Prelude of Desolation: The Grand War

Heroic Overture

The Story so Far. . .


The current King of Havara, King Taylon, has fallen terminally ill the Prince Reginald is preparing to take over as Lord of the Country.  [[:reagent-yaro | Reagent Yaro]] has taken over in the meantime to transfer power to Reginald at an appropriate time.  Tensions have risen very high with the country to the north Teldres.  The Reagent, fearful of attack from Teldres, reinforced the Northern Territory with a full garrison at Fort Yargo and also created many bounties and quests for anyone willing to do some hard work.  This created the [[Adventurers Goldrush]] which sent adventures and would-be heroes to the town of Hightop.


What adventures will become of this Adventurer's Goldrush and is there a looming war on the horizon?



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